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Cut and glue an outdoor space from slate flagstones!

En lys grå bruddskifer formes med en skifersaks

Are you dreaming of a lovely patio in your garden or at your cabin? Now your dream can come true – and it's easier than you think. With Minera slate scissors you can easily cut and lay your own slate flagstones. You can work faster, the result will be better and you’ll reduce waste and bruised thumbs!

Can you cut stone with a scissor? Yes, and best of all, you don’t need to be particularly strong! With a Minera slate scissors you can cut and shape slate flagstones to just the shape you need and then glue or lay them on an underlay.

A light Oppdal quartzite slate slab can be cut and shaped with a slate scissor.
A flagstone is shaped with a slate scissors and laid down in place among the other slabs.

We also have thickness adjusted slate flagstones, which means that all the stones are the same thickness and you won’t have to use glue to even out differences in thickness.

A Minera slate scissor and slate flagstones with the same thickness make paving work easier – for professionals and amateurs.

Using slate scissors will make the work more enjoyable. There’s no noise from angle grinders and no need for electricity. The scissor can cut bends, notches, corners and straight edges. The most important thing is that you’ll get a better end result.

You can borrow or hire a slate scissors from most of our distributors. It can be dismantled and are easy to transport.

“I laid light Oppdal slate flagstones and I used Minera slate scissors to shape them. This was the first time I’ve laid slate and it quite whet my appetite! I must admit that I had the slate lying around on a pallet for about a month. I didn’t think I would be able to do it, but once I got going, it was easy and inspiring. I was actually quite proud of what I’d done myself.”

Espen Loe Haukedal
A terrace with light Oppdal crazy pavings that have been adapted and numbered, ready to be glued.
Espen numbered the slate flagstones and took photographs of their positions before they were glued.
A patio with flagstones that are finished shaped and adapted with a slate scissors. The Oppdal slate is numbered and about to be glued.
If you want a job done well, do it yourself. This was Espen’s slate debut!

Minera slate scissors:

  • are very easy to use
  • don’t require much force
  • can easily cut curves, notches, corners and straight edges
  • leave minimal waste
  • don’t need electricity, aren’t noisy and don’t make dust
  • can be easily dismantled and are easy to transport

How to cut slate with a scissors

  1. Place the slate flagstone you are to cut just below the neighbouring stone and mark along the stone using chalk.
  2. Cut along the mark – use the inner part of the scissor blades.
  3. Push the flagstone as you cut.

Cutting corners

Cut diagonally in towards the corner before you gradually move out from the corner again.

Cutting off large sections

If you need to cut away large sections of the flagstone, cut gradually in towards the mark. Little by little, and not all in one go!

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