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Technical documentation, photos and brochures

Here you will find our complete documents such as EAM maintenance instructions, installation instructions, product data sheets, brochures and more. If you are missing something, you can always contact us and we will fill up this resource center.

Image bank

In our open image bank you can view and download thousands of images of inspiring projects with our slate.

Product datasheet

Light Oppdal quartzite is a medium-grained gneiss-mica slate that is a variant of quartzite schist. Offerdal quartzite is a feldspar metasandstone quartzite.

In the product data sheets you will find technical specifications, test results and mineralogy.

EAM (Enterprise Asset Management)

When you choose Scandinavian slate, you’re not just choosing a beautiful and environmentally friendly material, but also an almost maintenance-free product that will last for many generations and hundreds of years, irrespective of temperature, weather and climate. As long as the slate is laid in the right way, maintenance will more or less be limited to keeping it clean.

Our Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

Minera Skifer was the first company in Norway to gain an EPD® for natural stone.

EPD stands for “Environmental Product Declaration” and presents objectively quantified environmental information to document the slate’s total emissions during its entire life cycle. An EDP is prepared in accordance with the “International Organization for Standardization 14025” and makes it possible to compare apparently different products in terms of their impact on, for example, the ozone layer, contribution to global warming, energy consumption and fossil fuel emissions. Read more about EPD, environmental impact and sustainability.

Our slate from Oppdal and Offerdal has an extremely low environmental impact compared to other products and building materials in general.

Installation guide

Slate is an extremely versatile natural material that can be shaped and worked for use in everything from roofs to bathroom tiles. In addition to the installation guide below, we also have a number of instructional videos and guides from the Minera School of Slate for shaping and laying slate.


The ageing process of slate – patina

Like most materials, slate adapts to the environment around it. This adaptation is manifested as a gradual change in the colour of the split cladding slate, called patina. Read more about how slate ages.

Dimensioning slate for pedestals

Light Oppdal and Offerdal slate have excellent flexural strength (up to 46.5 MPa) and we have a standard slate thickness of 2 cm for pedestal systems. Minera Skifer has conducted tests in collaboration with CBI/SP (the Swedish Cement and Concrete Research Institute) to determine the dimensioning of slate slabs for use in pedestal systems. Read more about the tests and the results.

General conditions of sales and delivery


Check out our brochures for inspiration and information!

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