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How to lay stepping stones of slate

Tråkkheller i skifer (lys Oppdalskifer) som går over en plen ned til en terrasse i hagen
Do you remember what it's like to walk barefoot on hot slate paving on a summer’s day? Paving stones lead you through the garden in the most beautiful and natural way. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to lay these yourself, as a result that will last forever, with slate paving stones that you can reuse elsewhere in the garden should you, or the next generation, want a change.

Our Oppdal quartzite slate stepping stones are frost-resistant, non-slip and locally sourced, with a classical look that harmonises with our own nature. We have them in four different standard sizes, and if you require a different size, our stonemasons can easily find one to suit.

Slate stepping stones make a footpath in a garden on a green lawn.
A footpath into a cottage yard with stepping stones of Oppdal quartzite slate.

Watch the film from Minera School of Slate below, where you can follow the process, step by step.

Five easy steps:

1. Find your location

Place the stepping stones on the grass where you want your path. Check that they’re all laid at a comfortable distance from each other.

2. Marking out the turf

Mark the turf around the stepping stones using a spade.

3. Removing the turf

Lift off the stepping stone and roll back the turf. Also remove a little of the earth, so you have a hole a few centimetres deeper than the thickness of the stepping stone, to leave room for a little stabilising sand or fine gravel.

4. Add a layer of sand or gravel

To make sure the stepping stone is laid straight and solid and will stay that way, fill a layer of sand or gravel in the hole. A layer of around 3 cm will be enough, and sand/gravel with a grain size of 0-8 mm is perfect. Even it out so it’s about the same overall depth.

5. Lay the stepping stone

Lay the slab in place and hammer it down with a rubber mallet. Jumping on it will achieve the same result and is probably more fun!
Light gray stepping stones laid in grass in front of a dry wall of slate bricks. All the slate is Oppdal quartzite.

Lay the stepping stones directly on gravel or use them to make a pavement

Stepping stones can also be laid directly on gravel – it can’t be simpler!

Stepping stones are also a great alternative to paving on the lawn or laid as the entrance to an exterior door. Just use the same method, but lay the stepping stones closer together.

So get started on the year’s best DIY project! Good luck!

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