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Make your garden maintenance-free with natural stone

En moderne terrasse med uteflis fra Oppdal; skiferflis
Do you believe a garden is meant to be enjoyed? Natural stone can give your garden an elegant and modern touch and will also require far less maintenance.

– Modern outdoor rooms in 2021 are completely maintenance-free. Especially when combined with extra luxury, such as a pool that looks after itself. People really don’t want to do anything more than just press a button to get everything to work, says Jan Ozarowski.

And he knows what he’s talking about. He has spent 16 years as a landscape gardener and contractor and, for the last seven, he has been a partner in the company Moderne Uterom.

– For a long time, we were just contractors doing the construction work designed by another landscape architect. But now we’re experiencing increased demand, so we’ve hired our own landscape architect and can now offer the full package – from project design to execution, he says.

Outdoor kitchen with Oppdal quartzite slate bricks and tiles on the ground. The outdoor grill has cabinets and drawers and a large grill with a stainless steel hood.
A driveway with natural stone outdoor tiles in Oppdal slate, in combination with cobblestones.

The direct collaboration with the landscape architect makes it easier for Moderne Uterom to meet the requirements of increasingly more discerning clients.

– During my time in the business, I’ve seen clients becoming gradually more aware of such aspects as appearance and design, and lately there has been increased interest in this also being maintenance-free, he explains.

And why is this? Social media!

– People get inspired by things they see on Pinterest and Instagram. And this is often trends from other countries – in fact from all over the world, he says.

Stone, concrete and Kebony

To make a garden as maintenance-free as possible, the trick is to use extremely hard-wearing materials. Moderne Uterom has a principle of only using slate, Kebony, granite and concrete.

– However you combine these materials, they’re both maintenance-free and modern. The hard, natural appearance of the stone is softened up by the Kebony. It’s always a winner, Jan Ozarowski says.

Outdoor natural stone staircase in the entrance area with steps of Oppdal slate with hewn edges. The slate staircase is framed by Kebony wood.
Steps in Oppdal quartzite slate with a beautiful hand-hewn edges.
A terrace with crazy paving in Oppdal slate with a pergola by Kebony. IA wooden sitting group in inside the pergola.
Slate and Kebony – a beautiful and maintenance-free combination.

Do you view slate and natural stone as being traditional and classical? The fact that it’s classical doesn’t mean that it isn’t modern, according to Jan Ozarowski.

– Slate will be just as modern in 100 years’ time! It’s all about composition and use of materials. Slate is often seen as being a bit classical, but when you combine it with other materials, it suddenly becomes very modern.

2 modern sun loungers on a terrace covered with outdoor tiles in Oppdal quartzite slate.
Outdoor tiles, like these in Oppdal quartzite, gives a clean and modern look.

The same principle, irrespective of size

Most of Jan Ozarowski’s clients have quite large gardens. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give your own garden a taste of luxury.

– The principle is the same, irrespective of whether you spend 50,000 or 5 million. Slate laid in your outdoor area will always look good, however large your garden is, he says.

A footpath along a house covered with broken slabs of Oppdal slate with a seamless transition to outdoor tiles in the same type of slate on the terrace.
Walking path with Oppdal quartzite flagstones with a seamless transition to outdoor tiles of the same type of slate.

Working with natural stone such as slate doesn’t need to be that difficult, even for those without 16 years’ experience as a landscape gardener.

– Working with slate is easy and complicated at the same time. Slate paving stones are solid and good to work with, so most people can actually lay the slabs themselves. But it can also be good to get help from someone who has experience from capping and fitting the paving stones, he explains.

Want to try in slate yourself? Minera School of Slate helps you along the way – here you find our assembly instructions and instructional videos.

A lush flower bed of slate wallbrick from Oppdal , Norway. The top has coping in the same natural stone.

If you’re thinking of using natural stone in your garden, Jan Osarowski has some clear advice:

– If you’re wondering what type of stone to use, use slate. It’s a safe bet and is never out of place. So you’re always guaranteed a really stylish terrace or garden.

If you choose Scandinavian slate, you not only choose a beautiful and environmentally friendly material – you also choose a maintenance-free product that is durable for several generations and hundreds of years, regardless of temperature, weather and climate. If the slate is mounted correctly, the maintenance will generally be limited to keeping it clean.

Portrett Jan Ozarowski fra Moderne Uterom

A modern classic

– Slate will be just as modern in 100 years’ time! It’s all about composition and use of materials. Slate is often seen as being a bit classical, but when you combine it with other materials, it suddenly becomes very modern.

Jan Ozarowski
CEO, Moderne Uterom AS

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