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A kitchen with a stone worktop as the heart of the house

Et moderne kjøkken med en kjøkkenbenk i lys Oppdal silkebørstet skifer med fossefalldesign - at benken fortsetter ned til gulvet.

It all started with the need for a pleasant zone for socialising, and ended up with a kitchen in which the worktop became the star attraction.

No matter what your kitchen is like, at some point you’ve probably wished it was easier to use, and that all the utensils were where they should be when you needed them. Yet you always find the whisk at the bottom of the clutter drawer, or tea towels and tablemats that aren’t folded neatly in the drawer as they should be.

A bright modern home with dining area and open kitchen with stone countertops against dark decor. The slate countertop is light gray Norwegian slate from Oppdal.

A natural stone worktop can’t solve all these small kitchen problems, but it can certainly take some of the stress off your shoulders. And this usability was part of the reason the owners of a brand new house in Oppdal chose to go for a slate kitchen worktop.

– We wanted something that was as maintenance-free as possible. A worktop that could withstand hot pots and pans and on which we could spill stuff without leaving ugly marks and stains, says the kitchen’s owner.

Close-up of slate worktop. A couple of freshly baked breads are on the natural stone countertop.
A detailed picture of a Miele hob embedded in a natural stone worktop of slate quartzite.

This is one of the most ingenious properties of a slate kitchen worktop. Natural stone has a very special ability to store heat – and this works both ways. It can withstand very hot elements placed on it, but is also perfect to use for baking, precisely because it doesn’t get warmed while you’re working on it. You can therefore work, stir, knead and roll, and the surface, and also the dough, will stay at the same temperature.

A bright and open kitchen with slate countertop in light Oppdal quartzite and dark kitchen decor. Bread, saucepan and spices are on top of the worktop.
Slate has fantastic baking properties and can withstand steaming hot pots.

Zone for socialising with added waterfall design

Slate is a material that is used throughout the detached house in Oppdal. This was also one of the reasons the owners chose slate in the kitchen.

– We have a lot of slate on the façade and the veranda that is on the same level as the kitchen. We chose slate partly to connect the rooms, and also create continuity between indoor and outdoor areas, says the owner.

Kitchen countertops made of Norwegian quartzite slate with black furnishings, washbasin and faucet.

A special detail of the kitchen in Oppdal slate is the waterfall design. This is a slate end-plate that goes all the way down to the floor – and together with the pattern in the stone creates the illusion of a waterfall.

– This was because we wanted seating around the kitchen island. Our kitchen designer suggested we go for the variant where the worktop continues down to the floor. For us, the most important thing was that we could sit facing each other, as this is more sociable than sitting in a line.

Kitchen island with slate slabs in Oppdal quartzite and with a waterfall design, ie that the worktop continues down to the floor at the end.
This countertop in a waterfall design is made of light Oppdal quartzite slate with a silk-brushed surface. The stone’s beautiful characteristics stand out clearly and testify that this is a piece of the Norwegian bedrock.

Timeless base, versatile furniture

Choosing a worktop in light grey quartzite from Oppdal was not accidental, either.

– We’d decided on a black kitchen interior and wanted something that broke with that. So the light slate matched beautifully, says the owner.

In addition to slate, a lot of wood is also used in the kitchen, in particular black oak.

– The idea was that neutral colours, such as black, grey and white, would form the base – and the furniture would add contrast. In that way, we can change the look without having to do more than replace the interior, says the homeowner.

Large and airy dining room and kitchen with worktop in Oppdal quartzite slate. The natural stone slab has a waterfall design.
A neutral base of wood and slate allows for vibrant colors in furniture and textiles. A smart choice the day the trends and our preferences reverse. It is easier to change pillows than a kitchen countertop and the parquet!

Common theme

With roots in the slate village of Oppdal, it was natural for the owners to choose local slate as a common theme for their house. The house façade is also covered in slate bricks combined with white plaster.

– I’m from Oppdal and grew up with slate all around me. So, of course I wanted to use slate for the façade in a modern way, says the owner of the house. The slate façade brings the contemporary design to life and really is the icing on the cake.

A kitchen countertop in natural stone of light Oppdal quartzite slate. On the wall above hang shelves with cookbooks.
Close-up of a quartzite slate worktop. On the slate plate is a jar of basil, oil and spice mixtures.

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