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Get the warm and exclusive feel of black slate tiles in your bathroom

Bathroom with slate tiles and mosaics in Offerdal slate on floor and wall.

Do you want to change your bathroom, but lack inspiration? Black tiles create a warm and exclusive atmosphere – in both large and small bathrooms.

– There were actually several reasons why we chose to put black tiles of slate in our bathroom, but the most important is probably that it’s incredibly beautiful. It gives a warm and comfortable feeling that is exactly what you want to be greeted by when you get up every morning, says the owner of the house.

The bathroom is part of a modern detached house that was completed in 2018. It consists of plastered walls, while the shower and the floor itself are of slate tiles laid in a fishbone pattern. The inspiration came from social media.

Detail of black Otta Pillarguri slate tiles laid in a herringbone pattern. The structure of the stone is very visible.

– I came across this pattern on Pinterest, and thought it was really nice, especially when laid in slate. It’s a vibrant material that creates a good contrast. Both between the light and the dark, but also the calm and the lively. Which is further enhanced by the fishbone pattern, she says.

The bathroom is also a big contrast in itself.

– We have another bathroom, where we’ve used light tiles. It has a more traditional look with rectangular tiles. We wanted something different to that, she explains.

Bathroom with black slate tiles in herringbone pattern on the floor and in the shower, together with light plastered cement walls.
Shower zone with a wall and the floor in black slate tiles laid in a herringbone pattern and a light contrast wall in brushed cement.

The lighting highlights the slate

One thing that is especially important to keep in mind when using dark tiles is the lighting.

– Black tiles can quickly become a little heavy if you don’t know how to illuminate them. This was not something I thought about myself, as the bathroom already has a lot of natural light, says the homeowner.

Luckily, the electrician had good experience with dark materials and knew how to illuminate the tiles best.

– We have used the same electrician throughout the house, so he was well-acquainted with the project and what we wanted to get out of each room. He was concerned that it shouldn’t become too dark, as is often the case with black tiles, she says.

The result was spots in the ceiling and an LED strip between the slate wall and the roof. This type of ambient light helps to highlight the visual qualities of the slate.

– There may be a little more to think about if you want a dark bathroom, but with the right materials and tradesmen with the right expertise, it’s definitely worth it, says the satisfied bathroom owner.

Otta Pillarguri slate tiles in herringbone pattern against a light contrast wall in cement. On the wall hangs a colorful and patterned Missoni towel.
A white bathroom sink with black cabinet. Tiles of Ottaskifer Pillarguri are laid on the floor in a herringbone pattern.

Integrated design

The black slate bathroom is just one aspect of a cohesively designed property, with slate as the common denominator. The veranda and façade are also covered in Norwegian natural stone.

– We wanted a holistic look throughout the property and slate was perfect to highlight this, says the homeowner. See how slate on the façade became the perfect link between the traditional and the modern.

Slate even plays a major role in the kitchen. The worktop is made of Oppdal slate, making it easy to bake, cook … and make a mess.

– We wanted a worktop that required as little maintenance as possible. A slate worktop can withstand hot pots and pans, and we can spill stuff without leaving ugly marks and stains, says the owner about the work surface. Have a look at the beautiful stone countertop with waterfall design in the kitchen, which makes it both cozy, nice, and very practical.

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