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What do you know about real Scandinavian slate? We go myth-busting!

En steinhugger som slår med et spett på en skiferplate av O

Finding it difficult choosing materials and interiors for your home? Maybe you're unsure about the colours, quality or whether it's trendy enough. And perhaps you also want sustainable materials.

So what do you know about real Scandinavian slate? We know that there are many myths about this wonderful natural stone. Here are some of them:

Slate is only found in a melancholy grey colour.”

Scandinavian slate is so much more than just grey!

Oppdal slate has bright and warm shades of grey that fit perfectly into Nordic interiors, terraces and gardens.

Otta slate is available in charcoal grey and black hues, which in the brushed and sanded version shimmer of gemstones and crystals. Or use it outdoors where it will acquire a unique golden patina over time.

Finally, there is Offerdal slate, with its elegant and cooler deep shade of grey, which surprises everyone with its very special ability to reflect light and colour. Real Scandinavian slate simply has a much greater diversity and more choice than you think.

The surface of light Oppdal silk brushed quartzite slate
Offerdal quartzite slate in natural surface
The surface of Otta Pillarguri brushed phyllite slate
Otta Pillarguri Rust phyllite slate in a natural surface
The surface of Offerdal honed quartzite slate
The surface of light Oppdal antique brushed quartzite slate

Need help with colour schemes? Are you wondering if the slate matches the furniture and your wall colour? We send free 10 x 10cm slate samples in the type of slate and surface you want.

“Slate is unfashionable and boring.”

Slate comes in many forms. Probably more that you’re aware of!

Of course, we have traditional paving slabs with their gorgeous, organic forms, that feature strongly in contemporary design trends.

But we also have a large selection of varieties for those who prefer a tighter and more minimalist style. Take, for example tiles with a natural, brushed or honed surface that fit perfectly into a bright Scandinavian interior, warm cottages or your new dark bathroom with its “spa feel!”

In the garden or on the terrace, outdoor tiles can give you everything from a Zen-inspired design to a more functional urban look. There are even many types of slate bricks from the rawest rustic chunks to ones with clean geometric lines!

Or tell us what you want – real Scandinavian slate can be shaped into whatever you want. We can cut everything to suit your requirements!

A crazy paving tile of light Oppdal quartzite slate
Same type of slate ….
A tile of light Oppdal quartzite slate with a silk brushed surface
… in different surfaces
Two bricks of slate of light Oppdal quartzite slate stacked on top of each other. At the top is a straw.
… and edges

“Slate is way too expensive!”

Do you also want to invest in high-quality materials with a proven infinite lifespan? The use-and-throw culture is on the wane. These days, it’s all about choosing quality that lasts.

When you buy real Scandinavian slate from Oppdal, Otta and Offerdal, you pay for a perpetual, beautiful and discreet base material in a house or garden that does not need to be replaced due to weather, wind, wear and tear or changing trends. Let your children and grandchildren grow up, watch trends come and go and time pass.

That slate you bought when you built the house or hytte – will last forever. You’ll also see the cost of your investment shrink with each passing year.

Elveseter art and culture hotel in Norway seen from above. The slate roof is made of Otta Pillarguri rust-colored brown roofing tiles.
The Otta Pillarguri roofing of Elvester Hotel is 120 years old.

The Norwegian royalty, heads of state and tourists have all visited Elvester Art and Culture Hotel in Lom, Norway, since the 1870s.

The hotel got its beautiful slate roof soon after Otta quarry was opened in 1899 and has resisted wind, weather and frost for almost 120 years.

In that time, it has changed character from dark grey to golden, a natural colour change we will be able to admire for at least another 100 years.

PS: the material itself may be more affordable than you think! It’s often the costs of laying the slate that takes up most of your budget. So why not lay the slate yourself? It is easier than you think and also gives you the satisfaction of creating something with your own hands. We have easy to follow instructional videos and descriptions on how to adapt and install slate.

Slate isn’t environmentally friendly.”

These days, you can buy slate and factory-made imitations of different quality from all over the world. They are often given names taken from traditional places in Norway, without making them either more Norwegian or local!

Travel routes and production are the most decisive factors for

the amount of CO2 emissions for a material. And the impact is enormous! In relation to slate, quarried refined and used in the Nordic countries, emissions increase by:

– 350% for slate from Asia
– 530% for granite from Asia
– 700% for ceramic tiles (manufactured in Spain/Italy)
– 830% for Nordic granite produced in Asia

Our slate is unique as being a 100% naturally produced material, 100% refined by local craftsmen right at the foot of each of the three slate quarries. This and the fact that the slate lasts forever, means that it has an extremely low environmental footprint. Not just in terms of slate from abroad, imitations in ceramic tiles or Norwegian granite that has travelled across the globe to be refined, but in terms of building materials in general.

In other words, local slate from Oppdal, Otta and Offerdal is one of the most environmentally friendly choice you can make!

Do you like numbers more than words? We were the first company in Norway to receive an environmental declaration (EPD) that thoroughly documents the entire life cycle analysis and provides the objective and undisputed number facts. Immerse yourself here!

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